Fighting the Varroa Mite

The Varroa mite is one of the biggest problems facing the honey bee today and the only answer is detailed, scientific research. Research into the Varroa mite is crucial – but expensive. We are committed to funding further research to help combat this devastating parasite.

However, it is now known that many existing techniques of dealing with an infestation are prone to failure due to poor management of existing treatments. This can sometimes damage the bee colony itself through poor application, and there are signs now that the mite is also developing resistance to treatment altogether.

So, above all, research is critical. With your help, we can fund detailed analytical research into the Varroa mite, Varroa Destructor, to enable the development of treatments which are not damaging to the honey bees and which will make the bees stronger and better able to resist predations of the mite.

We will also develop education programmes to enable beekeepers to be much more informed about spotting and dealing with an infestation the moment one is spotted.