Honey Bees are essential to life – but now they need our help!

Honey bees are responsible for 80% of pollination in the UK and are essential to biodiversity. Although last year’s winter loss survey from the British Beekeepers Association provided some welcome news, losses on average were, at 14.5% of UK colonies, still twice the level they need to be to sustain the population.

Without bees, our landscape will change forever.  But three big threats need to be overcome:

  1. decline in pollen-rich plants providing food for bees
  2. Damage caused by fertilisers and chemicals
  3. The increase in the prevalence of Varroa Destructor mite within beehives.

This is why the British Beekeepers Association launched Friends of the Honey Bee. To help make the honey bee population healthier and more able to withstand our increasingly harsh winters.

Join Friends of the Honey Bee today.