“A work of arte; and yet no arte of man,
Can worke, this worke, these little creatures can”
– Geoffrey (Geffrey) Whitney (Elizabethan poet)

The importance of bees

There can be no doubt that the honey bee, in its almost silent work, is one of the greatest of all contributors to life. It is said indeed that honey bees account for 80% of all pollination.

Without them, nothing – or certainly a lot less than we have. So, on the backs of these tiny creatures, we live or die. This is why the honey bee is so crucial to life on earth today.

Throughout history – from the most primitive of societies to the most complex – man has had an intimate relationship with the honey bee. Ancient art shows men climbing cliffs and trees for honey.

Mediaeval manuscripts highlight the sensitive use of skeps in the management of bee colonies – not just for food but for medicinal purposes too.

Throughout the centuries we have worked with the bees, developing sophisticated techniques to enable bee colonies to thrive while harvesting their rich bounty at the same time.

Learn about bees on these pages

On these pages, you will learn about bees. In particular, you can learn more about the honey bee, how they live, what they do and why they are so important. We hope that by learning more about the bees you, too, will want to help us to ensure that the future is as bright as the past for this wonderful insect.

Join us on our journey.


Image of Beattie Bee