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FOHB membership pack“I was delighted to become a Friend of the Honey Bee. We are all aware of the importance of these little pollinators, enabling us to enjoy so many of our favourite foods, and the sweet honey that they make is simply delicious. Knowing that my membership fee is supporting scientific research to protect them from the damaging Varroa mite, I can wear my badge with pride!” – Sara Ward, owner, Hen Corner (

 As a Friend, you will receive:

  •  Your our own Beattie Bee Enamel Pin Badge
  •  A Beattie Bee Window Sticker for your home or car
  •  A Packet of Bee-Friendly Seeds to sow in your garden
  •  A special Nectar Gardening Guide showing how to grow and maintain a bee- friendly garden
  •  Four issues a year of The Pollinator, our Friends’ newsletter, with updates on how our campaign is progressing and practical hints and tips on helping the honey bee all year round

All this for just £20 per year or join as a Family for just £25.00

Wear your badge with pride! Become a friend now – click here

Beattie Badge 4 We have a big task ahead of us.

For every new member that joins we can fund more        scientific research into combating the increasingly  destructive Varroa mite, and build education programmes for establishing stronger, bee-friendly plant environments. And, of course, healthier honey bees means greater biodiversity – a legacy for Britain which truly benefits everyone.



Join Friends of the Honey Bee and help make Britain buzz with bees again – for just £20 per year. click here Or call us on 02476 696679 (Mon-Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm)

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