Planting for the honey bee


Plants which flower throughout the season are crucial to healthy and sustainable honey bee colonies. As a Friend of the Honey Bee you will be shown how to plant for bees to deliver much needed forage as and when they require it.

Whether it be a bowl of early spring flowering bulbs, a flowering tree or hedgerow every little helps. As well as wild flowers, honey bees need a wide variety of forage from bulbs in the early spring right through to late flowering trees in the early/mid winter. This food is needed to deliver a robust and varied diet that is rich in pollen and nectar.

By planting for honey bees you can also support other wildlife in its survival as, through their pollination services, they provide habitat and much needed food for mammals, birds and other important insects.

As a Friend of the Honey Bee you will also receive The Pollinator, our seasonal newsletter which is packed full of useful planting information and advice, and you can download a list of plants that are both nectar and pollen rich to help get you started.

Become a Friend of the Honey Bee today – and start planting for healthy bees tomorrow!