Schools and Friends of the Honey Bee

Friends of the Honey Bee is great for schools because kids don’t just learn about the honey bee and its importance but they can do something proactive to help maintain local bee colonies through effective planting.

For schools which join the Friends of the Honey Bee, we have lots of information and activities for kids through the Buzz Club, run by the British Beekeepers Association.

As a teacher you can engage everyone in the importance of honey bees through Bees in the Curriculum, and we can supply all the essential resources necessary to help make your classroom experience as engaging and as fun as possible.

We can also put you in touch with your local beekeepers association so you can ask them to come and do a talk all about the honey bee, how they live, their importance to the environment, and how schools can help sustain local colonies through effective planting.

Make your school a Friend of the Honey Bee today. Don’t forget, as well as engaging your kids in planting for bees, you can also keep us informed of what you’re doing through The Forager, the Friends of the Honey Bee newsletter.