Allotment holders can benefit from being a Friend of the Honey Bee

Whether you own an allotment or are responsible for your local allotment association, you too can make a difference to your local environment just by planting for honey bees and becoming a Friend of the Honey Bee.

Friends of the Honey Bee will help you make the most of your planting so that you provide bees with essential food and forage right through the season and help the output of your own plot. We will also provide essential guidance on the planting of hedges and annual flowers to sustain honey bees and other pollinators and keep them interested in your plot.

With an area in bloom from February to Oct/Nov, just imagine the difference that would make to your allotment- let alone how it will affect the bees!

If you have an allotment that you’d like to see buzzing with honey bees, why not register on Pollination Dating and make it available to a BBKA registered Beekeeper who can use it for keeping their bees? If the site is right you too may get to enjoy a taste of honey.

The British Beekeepers Association provides comprehensive advice about beekeeping on allotments which can be downloaded here. If you would like to keep bees on your allotment contact your local beekeepers association