A national campaign involving everyone

We want everyone to be involved in this crucial campaign, whether householder or large landowner. However, we  appreciate that different people have different needs, which is why we have partnered with experts who can provide you with information, support and services appropriate to your needs.

  • Landowners and Farmers – we already have commitment from many of your peers to become a Friend of the Honey Bee by planting many acres of bee-friendly plants across the country. Why not join them and help save the bees? More for farmers here.
  • Local communities – we can all do our bit. If you want to keep your community in bloom throughout the season and help save the honey bee, join us today. More for communities here.
  • Allotment holders and associations – you can join Friends of the Honey Bee too and help keep Britain buzzing with bees. Find out more here.
  • Schools – kids love bees. By joining Friends of the Honey Bee, your school can play a valuable part in safeguarding the future of the honey bee and your students can engage with and learn much more about the honey bee and its role in the ecosystem. Learn more here.
  • As a Corporate Business please get in touch with us and we will endeavour, with our expert partners, to provide you with advice and appropriate information to encourage bio-diversity around your properties by planting for Honey bees. For more information contact us.

Friends of the Honey Bee – the national campaign in which we can all get involved. Join us today.