Maya the Bee is a an enigmatic honey bee who lives within the colony inside a hollowed tree within the forest, bordered with the wildflower meadow. It is here that her adventures take place with her close friend Willy and other insects within the meadow. A delightful film that will entertain the whole family and you will want to see again and again.

Join Maya and friends as MAYA THE BEE buzzes on to DVD and Digital Download 8th February 2016.

Maya, is a busy little bee, ready to leave her hive and live in the meadow. The world is just too big and too fascinating to remain confined to the restricted life of the hive. But soon Maya realises that a bigger challenge beckons and that together with her friend Willy, she must return and save their hive from the greedy queen’s advisor and end the long-term hostility between bees and hornets. Join Maya and her friends, as they set off on their “un-bee-lievable” adventures.

Directed by Alexs Stadermann and featuring the voices of Coco Jack Gillies (Mad Max: Fury Road), Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Jacki Weaver, (Silver Lining Playbooks, Animal Kingdom), Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2) and Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing, Mission Impossible 2), catch MAYA THE BEE on DVD and Digital Download from 8th February.

Based on the 1970’s international hit TV series of the same name MAYA THE BEE is an international TV and licensing phenomenon with the series currently airing on the Tiny Pop channel. Maya has been delighting audiences across the UK and Ireland at the Cinema and this is set to continue when the movie is released on DVD and Digital Download.

The film was produced by Studio 100 Media and Buzz Studios, and is distributed in the UK by Enchanted Animation.