The UK honey bee population is in decline. This is due to three key factors: a decline in food and forage; deadly attacks from the Varroa mite within beehives and increasingly harsh winters.

Friends of the Honey Bee is a national fundraising campaign organised and run by the British Beekeepers Association. It aims to:

  1. Fund research into combating the Varroa mite. Currently, up to 20-30% of honeybees are deformed and then die as a result of hive infestation. Learn more about the Varroa Mite
  2. Encourage everyone to plant more pollen and nectar-rich pollinating flowers, plants and trees throughout the season. The more food bees have, the stronger they are, the bigger their winter honey stores. And the better the food harvest for humans too! Learn more about planting for honeybees.
  3. Transform the British landscape. By engaging the population in planting flowers, trees and hedges we will create better bee environments and encourage future biodiversity! Learn more about biodiversity

Join Beattie Bee today and help put the buzz back into the British countryside!