The honey bee is in trouble! Please can you help ?

Honey bees are one of the primary plant pollinators in the UK. Yet the honey bee population continues to suffer significant losses overwinter.

In the winter of 2012/13, honey bee colonies in England alone declined by a crippling 34%.

Without honey bees there will be fewer flowers, fewer plants, less biodiversity. Without honey bees, food will be much more expensive. Without honey bees, Britain will be a much less beautiful place.

There are three main causes:

  1. not enough food for bees
  2. deadly infestation by the varroa mite
  3. increasingly harsh winters

Friends of the Honey Bee is a national campaign organised by the British Beekeepers Association. With your help, we can fund research against the Varroa mite to make healthier bees and stronger colonies to survive the winter. We can plant honey bee-friendly flowers and trees which flower throughout the season. Making for healthier honey bees AND a much more beautiful and diverse Britain for us all – blooming and buzzing from early Spring through to late Autumn!

Please join Friends of the Honey Bee today and help us put the buzz back into Britain’s landscape!



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