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Beattie Badge 4Friends of the Honey Bee is a national campaign organised by the British Beekeepers Association.

We are working hard to build a better future for Britain’s honey bees and other pollinators by planting more pollen-rich environments, encouraging others to plant for the bees and funding research into the varroa mite.

We are already making progress. Last winter (2013-14), honey bee colonies declined by 10% but this is a significant improvement on the 34% losses suffered in the previous winter. But we cannot afford to be complacent.

  • We need your help to build a better environment for bees whether in town, village or countryside.
  • We need your help to make bees healthier and better able to withstand disease and harsh winters.
  • We need your help to fund research into the devastation caused by the varroa mite.

Please join Friends of the Honey Bee today. Please help us put the buzz back into Britain’s landscape!

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Friends of the Honey Bee. Protecting the honey bee, preserving the future

to make Britain buzz with bees again

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